Thursday, October 6, 2016

Post-season roster

I agree with the Indians and the post-season roster for this series.  Yeah, we have 3 catchers but if this series comes down to us needing a pinch runner and we don't have one, so be it.  You should not make up your post-season roster for one scenario and, with the two best offensive teams in the AL, pinch runners shouldn't be a priority. 

As far as the pitching staff, it is hard to argue with that in the post-season.   We have Clevinger and Anderson to eat innings if necessary, and, if you have to eat a bunch of innings more than twice, your season is probably over, anyway, in a best of 5.   Other than that it is our iron man bullpen.   No other pitcher has shown well enough to be considered for the roster.

Not saying that if we go to the 7  game series we won't do something different.   I would go with only two catchers and add one extra pitcher at that point (Crockett if we think he can get out a tough lefty)..  If we go to the WS you have to think about adding more speed and versatility and having 5 outfielders plus Napoli when we would play in the NL park makes no sense at all.   So, at that point, I am looking at Erik Gonzalez to replace one of the OFers. 

But, for right now, these are the right 25 guys as Gomes represents your lightning-in-a-bottle guy.  I think his HR in KC was more of a flash-in-the-pan than any real lightning but, what the heck?   Maybe he is our miracle guy.  Solid roster with one wild card guy.  That's the way a best of 5 roster should be set up.

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