Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So, here we are up 3-1

Is there a type in your sports fan life where you just stop analyzing and just sit back and let it all happen?

Take it from an Indians junky who has spent a lot of my adult life trying to analyze every little roster move, draft pick, developmental decision, trade and player release....there is.

So, even before today I placed myself in Terry Francona's hands, so to speak.   Not in a religious way but, nonetheless, in a sense in a spiritual way. 

I am at peace with this season, whatever comes next.

We have gotten to the brink of the World Series with, essentially, two starting pitchers.  We have had limited offense in this series and yet are one win away from the World Series, with our opponent, if we get there, being more in doubt than at any time this season.

Tomorrow they hand the ball to Ryan Merritt.  If they need to play another day it will be Josh Tomlin in Game 6 and then, if they need to go the distance, Corey Kluber in Game 7. 

Let's hope we don't have to go that far.   Remember, familiarity is not necessarily a good thing and, in fact, there is no pressure on Merritt as even if we lose we go back to Cleveland having to win one of two.

Terry Pluto said he is nervous.  About what? This is only baseball and, with the curse lifted by the Cavaliers, it is really only baseball.   I have put my trust in Terry Francona.  He has brought us this far with our #1 and #5 starters being all that is left of our rotation.  Win or lose, I am at peace with how this season has gone.   Will I be disappointed if we don't make the Series or, if we do, if we don't win it....again?  

No, I am at peace with this season and, surprisingly, with baseball.   Good luck, Indians.  Have a great time and enjoy this.  You, too, Ryan Merritt. 

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