Thursday, November 3, 2016

After a night of reflection... are my thoughts about the Indians and the WS.

10. Do you think in 20 years that anybody will remember that Mike Montgomery retired the Indians' 25th player who was 0-3 with 3 Ks to get the save in Game 7?  Probably people will remember him for getting that last out, not the circumstances.  For Montgomery, whether he goes on to have a great career or not, he at least has him moment.  Very few baseball players ever get that moment. 

9  Mike Napoli had a horrible series.  When you combine his streakiness with the Cubs pitching and the fact that he played more this year than in a long time (maybe ever) it is not surprising.  I just wish he would have been able to come up big last night.  Still, it makes you wonder if you should bring hm back next year.  If he is becoming more of a part-time player in this part of his career, is he worth what we would have to pay him?

8. I wonder what all this means for guys like Otero, McAllister and Manship?  Do you keep them because they can get you regular season outs?  I guess so.  Still, does it mean you don't want them around because they can't get WS outs?  It's almost like they are regulated in the post-season to blow outs or bullpen games.  

7. If he avoids injury and gets some more post-season chances Francisco Lindor is going to be a HOFer.  Let's hope they break the bank and make him an Indian for life.  Seeing Thome there in this series and knowing that Vizquel, Belle and Ramirez left too early and Baerga flamed out too early and knowing if we kept Julio Franco at DH all those years we would have had a half a dozen legitimated HOF candidates out of the wonder years.  Hindsight is 20-20 but using hindsight to shape foresight is really important.

6. Good to see Trevor Bauer end on a high note.   I only wish he would have started the 10th inning

5. If the Indians make it back to the World Series next year the experience they gained this year will be invaluable.

4. What heart the Indians had this year and especially in the post-season.   I think I wanted us to win so much that I completely forgot what a miracle it was for them to be there.  Now, if only Paul Hoynes next spring can predict the Indians to be in the cellar of the AL Central maybe it will give them the incentive to win it all.

3. As far as next year, is it possible that Naquin could win the AL Rookie of the year award this year and next year not make the team?  I think so. 

2. Congrats to Mike Chernoff and Chris Antonetti.  What a great job of bringing in Guyer and Crisp.  They were both big contributors in the regular season and the playoffs.   Obviously Miller was huge.  However I wonder when the last time was that a team brought in guys the level of Guyer and Crisp and they contributed so much in the post-season.

1. More about next year.  It is quite possible, the way he was used, that we might have seen the best Andrew Miller will ever give us.  I know that is doomsaying but I wouldn't be surprised to see him be out most of next year or the year after that.  Tito rode him pretty hard this year.  Ditto for Shaw and even Cody Allen.   When he said that when he had a chance to win a playoff game he would take it and he would let the next game take care of itself, Tito forgot about next year.   These guys all appeared fried last night, as did Chapman of course.  Reminds me of the way Milaukee used Sabathia when the Indians traded him to Milwaukee before the deadline several years ago.  Let's hope I am wrong but I really wonder if the big 3 in the Indians' pen will make it to the opening day roster and through next season healthy.

The stars almost all aligned for the Indians this year.  Let's hope they do next year.  Go Tribe!

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