Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Back to Cleveland

Well, 2016 has been a wild ride and the ride will end where it began...in Cleveland.  Two big differences between then and now:

1. The temperature tonight will be 76 degrees for a night game.  On April 5th it was 34 degrees for a day game.  Then it was 15 days into spring.  Now it is about 51 days before winter.

2. Then it was the first of 161 regular season games.   Now it will be end up being the last game of three playoff series.

The Indians have given us a lot to cheer about and we should all just cheer our brains out for what remains of this series.

Thanks to the Indians for giving us the gift of 2016, a gift that came without a lot of fanfare and without, in fact, a lot of fans..at least until we got to October.  The season WILL end the same in one regard, with a sold old stadium!  

The place will be rocking tonight and will be reminiscent of that first game at this stadium back in April of 1994.  I still have the commemorative picture in my office of that first game.  

I was, am and will be always a Cleveland Indians fan, ever since my favorite player when I was 6 years old was Tito Francona...THE Tito Francona, back in 1959.  So it has come full circle for me, rooting for the father then and rooting for the son to work his magic now.

I have an entire post that I have written and will post it as it, regardless of the outcome of the rest of this series.  I have a lot to say and will get it said after we end this series.

But, for now, let's just enjoy this game tonight and enjoy this gift granted to us by the Indians.   If we cheer our brains out, we honor that gift.   I plan to honor that gift until I am hoarse.

Good luck Indians.   Go Tribe!

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