Saturday, July 30, 2011

I hope to heck this works!

I could end this post here but let's go on.

Ubaldo Jimenez IS the future of the 2009 and a good chunk of the 2010 draft for the Cleveland Indians.

That is a mouthful.  Jimenez for Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, Matt McBride and Joe Gardner.

Well, the last two are no loss.  Gardner was overrated at draft time and has sucked this year.  McBride is a 26 year old good hitter who still hasn't mastered AAA.  The two were throw-ins.  Sure, Colorado hopes that they help the PR of this trade (not that this trade needs much PR from a Colorado POV) and Colorado hopes to throw them (figuratively) against the wall and hope they stick but they are throw-ins.

I have to say that I would have liked to have received a "C" prospect like Corey Riordan to keep this deal interesting for a few years but, what the hey.

All I can say is I hope this works!  The Indians better well be darned sure they can compete this year and next year and that Jimenez is not a flash in the pan.  This trade stands a GREAT chance of backfiring on them if they don't.  With Pomeranz and White they looked to be competitive for the next 6 years if those guys came even close to reaching their potential.  With Jimenez, it could be the next 3 after this year.

Plus, this trade is only window dressing.  Even Jimenez is not going to win many games if the Indians keep getting shut out and no-hit.  Yes, if they have the hitting, YES if Carlos Carrasco can right his ship, YES if Fausto Carmona figures it out, YES if the bullpen continues to pitch well.  THEN we have a chance.

But it is all about hitting at this point and I think that would fix itself in 3 years.  It WON'T fix itself by the end of July 31st.

I hope to heck this works!

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