Friday, July 29, 2011

More international stuff

Hey, John Mirabelli, don't look now but the Kansas City Royals are spending more than you in Latin America.

As has been said here before, the amount you spend in Latin America isn't always equal to the prospects you are getting but the Royals have signed the #1 and #12 prospects on the Baseball America list, spending $5 million to do it. 

Note also that the Royals are averaging just over 1,000 people less a game than the Indians are and that difference is likely to continue to increase as the season goes along, assuming the Indians remain somewhere in contention. 

I rarely talk about Dolan cheapness but if you can't match the cellar dwellar in your league in spending, you have an issue. 

Not that I am saying we need to go hog wild but you gotta look to at least keep up with your own division, right John?  There are still some good prospects out there.  How about we get some of them?  We certainly don't have many flyers from the draft worth spending money on.

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