Sunday, July 31, 2011

What in the heck do we do now?

Well, the trade for our new, shiny ace is now official. 

But we didn't do anything to address our RH hitter deficiency before the trade deadline.  So what do we do now?

Thank heavens we passed on Ryan Ludwick.  People who have any sense take out the trash, don't bring trash into their home.

I am a little more concerned we weren’t in on other RH bats available because, frankly, this offense sucks against lefties.  Cabrera and Santana eat up these guys but no one else does much.  We wasted a decent pitching performance today from Carmona and we have wasted many in the past month.

We traded the future for Jimenez and now we need to make that future now, to coin a Berra-esque phrase. 
So, where do we go from here?
We still have the same AAAA guys on the roster:
Kearns, Durbin and Hannahan.  We have got to upgrade from them.
We should upgrade from Herrmann, as well.
Here are my thoughts besides working on a waiver deal:
We DFA Kearns,Durbin and Hannahan.  I mean, how much worse shape could we be in offensively without them?
We bring up Head, Goedert, Judy and Chen Lee.  We send down Hermann.
Yeah, we ARE at desperation time.  We are ALSO at showcasing time.  Maybe Head gets hot.  I actually FEEL a Goedert hot streak coming on and you know how those can be!  For Judy and Lee, you go with the hot hands and those guys are doing well.  So they help us win or they help us get veterans who can help us win.
Yes, Head is a free swinger.  Goedert has stunk after he came back from injury and Judy and Lee are green.  But we give them a shot and showcase them at the same time. Maybe some of what we are throwing against the wall will stick.  Certainly it can’t be any worse than the stuff we are throwing out there now.  Plus, it gives the fans a chance to see what we have.  Guys the league doesn’t have a book on.  It’s what I used to call the bum of the month club.  Every rookie with some talent has a chance to be effective in the first month he is up as the league won’t yet have a book on him.  Yeah, there are minor league scouts but if major league scouts couldn't figure out in the WS in 1995 that David Justice had a better chance to hit Jim Poole than Eric Plunk, well, you get the idea.
After that first month of grace, however, weaknesses are usually exposed and only some rookies can adjust to the league’s adjustments.  The great thing is we have only one month left before September callus.
I really think, if we manage this correctly, we can keep our prospects and still compete, doing it with smoke and mirrors.
But that’s just me.

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