Saturday, July 30, 2011

Well, this is confusing!

The Indians traded Orlando Cabrera to the Giants.  OK, so I said Cabrera needed to be traded as his value is overinflated because of his history of being on WS teams.

NOTE: This just in.  The Indians acquired SF's #7 pre-season (Baseball America) prospect Thomas Neal.  #1 prospect Belt is in the majors, #2 prospect Wheeler got traded for Beltran, #6 prospect Crawford is in the majors.  This means we got their 4th best prospect for Cabrera based on pre-season rankings.  For all of you who think OCab was a toad, all I can say is that the World Champions just traded one of their top prospects for the toad you dream OCab is.  As I have said many times here, OCab was worth much more in trade than just his numbers indicated he was and, once again, I am proven correct. 

Only one question left: Is Neal the guy we are trading to San Diego for Ludwick?  I hope to heck not.  Ludwick is trash right now and I am not into recycling. 

But that requires us to get something back for him.  You don't just dump a playoff good luck charm for nothing when you just mortgaged your future by trading away two of your top 4 prospects who were your two best prospects in the minors and your two best pitching prospects.

Not if you are going for it this year...unless you get a needed part back.

We'll see.

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