Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Home ALone 4 - Extended Spring Training

Every year there are guys in the Indians' organization who don't make a team out of spring training.   Some are cut, some bide their time until an opening is created by injury, promotion or release and some just are there getting their routine together in anticipation of the rookie league teams (Mahoning Valley and the AZL Indians) starting their seasons.

By my count there are still over 40 guys in extended spring training.    Some of these guys are true prospects.  For the Indians this year almost all the really good prospects still in extended spring training are pitchers.   Most of the true prospects will be assigned to Mahoning Valley, meaning that team should have a heck of a pitching staff. 

Here is a list of all the guys the Indians have in extended spring training and where I think they will be assigned once the short season/rookie league teams start.  As I said there are a significant number of prospects to dream on if you are looking for future Cleveland Indians.  If you haven't thought about it I would suggest for Ohio-based Indians fans, it looks like this might be a good year to travel to a game or two at Mahoning Valley as it looks like there will be a lot of top prospects on that team.

Brady Aiken - P - Mahoning Valley
Triston McKenzie - P - Mahoning Valley
Jonas Wyatt - P - AZL Indians
Juan Hillman - P - Mahoning Valley
Justin Garza - P - Mahoning Valley
Gabriel Mejia - OF - Mahoning Valley
Luke Wakamatsu - SS - AZL Indians
Grant Hockin - P - Mahoning Valley

Alex Pantoja - SS - Mahoning Valley
Grofi Cruz - 3B - Mahoning Valley
Micah Miniard - P - Mahoning Valley
Todd Isaacs - OF - AZL Indians
Ryan Perez - P - Mahoning Valley
Ping-Hsueh Chen - C - Mahoning Valley
Jodd Carter - OF - Mahoning Valley
There are a number of other players still in extended spring training.  For these guys, they will be assigned where players are needed to fill out teams and some, in fact, may be released before the short season teams begin playing   Right now not many of them are true prospects.  The US (drafted) guys below are most likely truly just organizational players.  That is, they are there to fill roster spots with no real chance of ever making it to the majors.   Some of the foreign players below (e.g., Emmanuel Tapia) may develop into prospects but, right now, they are like the US organizational players, just guys who fill out the rosters to give the real prospects teams to play on.  For these reasons I haven't assigned them a team yet as their assignment will be based on the needs of these teams after the amateur draft in June.

Randy Valladares
Argenis Angulo
G. Paul Gonzalez
Jordan Dunatov
Ryan Colegate
Simeon Lucas
Juan Gomes
Kevin Bradley
Devon Stewart
Jack Goihl

Junior Soto  
Jorma Rodriguez
Luis Jimenez
Randy Marte
 D. Jimenez
Jose Medina
Henry Martinez
Leandro Linares
Erick Algarin
Jason Rodriguez
Juan Garcia
Miguel Eladio
 Erlin Cerda
 Emmanuel Tapia
 Angel Miguel
Li-Jen Chu
 Juan De La Cruz
Francisco Lopez


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