Sunday, May 15, 2016

I know it can get worse but...

...without the Cleveland Indians the Minnesota Twins would be 6-24.  The Twins are rebuilding, the Indians are trying to win.   Yet we are vs the team with the worst record in baseball!!!!!!!!!  And it isn't pretty.   The worst part of this is that the veterans we brought in (Rajai Davis, Juan Uribe and Marlon Byrd) are actually CAUSING us to lose.   If the three of them were just performing at the somewhat mediocre level that Mike Napoli is we would be much better than a .500 team in mid-May.   These veterans truly suck and it ain't getting better:

Marlon Byrd is a historically slow starter but usually picks it up in May as the weather warms up.   This year he is hitting .160 in May.

 Rajai Davis - He tends to start off strong and there is nothing to really show that he heats it up as the season goes along.   He is hitting .105 in May

Juan Uribe - He has a whopping .613 OPS.  

There is nothing to tell me that any of these guys should be getting regular playing time, but they are.  And it is killing us.  How many 1-run games have these guys not hit in?  

The issue with all this is that Tyler Naquin was sent out so two of these washed up guys could get playing time.   He hit before he was sent to Columbus, he hit in Columbus and he hit once he came back.   It took us 3 months last year to decide to get rid of Swisher and Bourn and it really cost us. 

I hope that we are quicker with the trigger this year.    Sending out Naquin showed how much the Indians would rather play these more expensive veterans.   Hey, I am not against shopping in the bargain basement or trying to catch lightning in a bottle once in a while.  But you have to cut ties with guys who just can't cut it.   Davis should be gone tomorrow and another couple of weeks like this and Byrd should follow him.   Ramirez should start every game at 3B until Urshela is healthy and then Uribe should be traded or released.

We should be 21-13 at this point instead of 17-17.    And it all comes down to these veterans not performing.   The original sending out of Naquin shows that Francona wants to play veterans and his history in Boston tells me he can't control these veterans.   Playing veterans is fine IF they help you win games of the type they are helping us lose.   Otherwise, who needs this type of veterans?

If I was GM I would go all Matt Damon on Francona and trade or release Byrd, Davis and Uribe and make Francona play the kids. 

But I am not the GM and I probably should just listen to these guys because they are the experts, right?  That might be true if they knew what they were doing.  But when was the last time we actually made the real playoff rounds, won a pennant or a World Series?  It's been a long time so these guys are not exactly the infallible experts, are they?

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