Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's doubleheader Monday. Stay tuned for a wild ride

OK, we have just lost two in a row in Boston.  The two steps forward, one (or two) steps back approach to this season might be in the backward marching phase right now.

But who knows for sure?

That is why today is so important.   We have Mike Clevinger and Cody Anderson going for the Indians.   We brought up Austin Adams to shore up the bullpen but he went two innings today.   I wouldn't be surprised if he was sent out today and another, fresher reliever added to the roster...just in case.

In case of what?   Well, Clevinger is in his second start in the majors.   We don't know what he will give us.   In the second game we have Cody Anderson, he of the 10 HR balls in 32 innings and, every time he has pitched in a game this year, the Indians have lost that game. 

The thing to worry about is one or both of these guys tanking it early in the game.   Our bullpen could get a real test and, more than likely, one or both of Clevinger/Anderson will be asked to go deep in the game, no matter what the score is.

So this could get ugly today.   I am talking so ugly that the 9-1 thrashing we got on Saturday could be considered a nailbiter compared to what is going to happen today.

Or the Indians actually will have karma on their side and a miracle-like thing could happen where both Clevinger and Anderson could go deep in these games giving up three runs or less apiece and the Indians could break out their lumber and treat the White Sox like they treated Cincinnati last week.    If the karma thing happens, maybe it will be a turning point in this season and the Indians can take off from here.

Let's hope for the miracle-like performance by both Clevinger and Anderson.   We all know the Tribe needs it in this doubleheader.   Keep your fingers crossed, knock on some good wood and hope that good fortune smiles on the Indians today and may the Force (read: karma) be with us.  

Or maybe we just pray for rain...until Carrasco comes off the DL.   Do you think that would be too much to ask for?

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