Sunday, May 1, 2016

The state of Cleveland sports - A momentary diversion from all Indians, all the time

The Indians lost today...again...swept by the rebuilding Phillies after almost being swept by the rebuilding Twins.   The Indians' braintrust, as it is, supposedly built this team to win in April.  Well, they didn't accomplish that, finishing 10-11 in that month.   The only thing I will say is that they were close to .500 and Michael Brantley wasn't playing.   So, I will give them May.  However, if they don't make a big turnaround in May it will be time to seriously start worrying about the decision-making of the Indians' braintrust, as it is.

Talking about brain trusts, I don't that much about the NFL but I do know this.  Most 'experts' rated the Browns' draft as one of the worst in the NFL.   Now I can see through the BS of experts who had a thought about what the Browns should have done (draft a QB) and losing sight of what they DID accomplish.  So, for the Cleveland faithful, there should be hope.   That being said, this year's draft conjures up memories of the 1999 and 2000 drafts when the Browns were granted all those extra picks as an expansion team.   If my memory is correct, back then people were saying the same thing about the head-scratching picks the Browns made when they could have been building a great team for years to come.   Of course at that point we didn't have analytics the way we do today.    Still, when I read about this year's draft I can't help thinking it is a repeat of 1999 and 2000.   I also get this vision of Kevin Costner standing at his desk unfolding a piece of paper and written on it is "Joey Bosa.  No matter what".  Just saying that is what I would have done at the second pick.  I also get this thought about the movie "Major League" where the thought was if you make the team sucky enough we can move it south...or maybe West.  Hmmm, is that the Browns GM talking or could it be........Satin! (sorry, had to throw in that Church Lady reference).

Finally, the Cavs.   What can you say about a team that should easily win the East and face Golden State.   The bottom line is anything less than that is failure.  Any misstep along the way is failure and any win before that is, well, obvious.   I think, sometimes, I would rather be the GM of the Browns and Indians before being the GM of the Cavs who, BTW, did very little to help this team before the trade deadline.  At least with the Browns and Indians, the GM has a chance to move the team up and be successful.   With the Cavs, there is only perfection and failure.  THAT is a lot of pressure with a low chance for success. 

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