Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mitch Brown

I will have a more in depth analysis later tonight.  Here are some initial thoughts

  • The kid is going to be a tough sign.  He says that it is going to take something special to sway him away from college.  So, are we to now assume that Naquin is going to get below slot on a take it or leave it offer?
  • I think he was a fast riser this year meaning that I couldn't find him on top 100 lists from this winter/early spring.  That is always a watchout for me.
  • He is, to me, Dan Denham or Adam Miller again.  Both those kids looked good out of HS.  One couldn't get his pitching together, one couldn't stay healthy. 
The stuff and attitude is there for this kid, now can we get him signed and can he reach his potential and, if he has just come on this year, is he a flash in the pan?  These are the questions to be answered.

On paper, not a bad selection.  Lots of risk, lots of upside.  That is what scouts and scouting directors get paid for..

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