Monday, June 11, 2012

Shadow Draft Verson 2 - Mirroring the Indians' strategy

OK, the Indians had an interesting strategy that is being widely rated as among the top in baseball.  But what if they evaluate wrong.  Here is an alternate draft that I think is cheaper and fills some needs while, at the same time, might be stronger

1st round - Victor Roache - OF - Georgia Southern
2nd round - Mitch Brown - RHP - HS Minnesota
3rd round - Kieran Lovegrove - RHP - HS California
4th round - D'Vone McClure - OF - HS Arkansas
5th round - Dylan Baker - RHP - Western Nevade JC
6th round - Michael Roth - RHP - South Carolina (Sr.)
7th round - Josh Schubert-McAdams - OF - HS Georgia
8th round - Taylor Dugas OF - Alabama (Sr.)
9th round - Jacob Lee RHP - Arkansas State (Sr.)
10th round - Josh Martin RHP - Samford (Sr.)
11th round - Logan Vick OF - Baylor
12th round - Jeremy Lucas C - Indiana State
13th round - Sam Stafford RHP - Texas (Sr.)
14th round - Matt Reckling RHP - Rice (Sr.)
15th round  - Nelson Rodriguez 1B - HS NY
16th round - Cody Penny RHP - North Carolina
17th round - Andrew Calica OF - HS California

The rest of my picks will be the same as the Indians.  This draft brings in Dugas, Stafford, Reckling and Roth, all of whom, along with Lee and Martin, could be cheap and it still brings most of the risky picks the Indians want.  I still contend that Roache could have been signed to a below slot deal, maybe cheaper than Naquin, giving the Indians more money to sign Brown and the other HS picks (including Corey Raley) who will require above slot bonuses

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