Monday, June 4, 2012

Tyler Naquin, huh?

So the Indians draft a college outfielder without much power.  Shades of Trevor Crowe.


he hits for average (.380)

he steals some bases (21-26)

Question Marks:

He is supposed to have a great arm (but only has 2 assists all season)

He may be able to take a walk, but only has one walk in every 10 ABs in college this year.

It is questionable whether he can play CF


He doesn't seem to show any power

Analysis: In the first round you draft guys with the potential to be franchise players.  A guy with questionable power, who may not have the ability to stay in center field, not blazing speed doesn't fit the bill as a franchise-type player.  Think Jason Kipnis upside and Trevor Crowe downside.  The thing about Naquin is that he is a slight overdraft and, as such, may sign for slot or a little below, saving money for later rounds.  The comment about "best available player" is true again here.  He doesn't seem to be the best available TALENT but may, considering signability, being a sure thing to get to the majors, having a number of decent tools, may have been the best available player in terms of getting a guy who is sure to make the major leagues AND sign for a reasonable amount.

They should have drafted a pitcher.  Pitchers can become franchise players.  College outfielders without power and questionable ability to stay in CF are NOT franchise players.

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