Sunday, June 3, 2012

Victor Roache?

The latest rumor I have heard is that the Indians are considering drafting Victor Roache from Georgia Southern.  He is an OF/1B with enormous power but whose season ended in early February after surgery to fix a wrist broken when hit by a pitch.

Picking Roache would make sense as he was the 9th ranked draft prospect before this season.  In mock drafts he has been projected to go anywhere from 19th-23rd, despite his injury and the resultant lack of looks that the scouts have at him.  He is currently ranked 22nd by Baseball America. 

This pick would make sense for the Indians.  I don't honestly believe that there will be any guy at pick 15 who will just separate himself from the rest of the crowd and that Roache would most likely sign quickly and for slot given his injury and where he is projected to go now.  The Indians are in desperate need of power hitters and if the available pitchers don't project as #1 or #2 starters I could see the Indians going after Roache who might still take 2-3 years to get to the majors, putting him very close to the ETA for Francisco Lindor and company.  The only fly in this ointment is if the NCAA would give him an extra year of eligibility which would make him a redshirt junior next year, meaning he would still have his best leverage year (his hopefully healthy and productive junior year in 2013) ahead of him.

Rumors also are that Lance McCullers might be a hard signing and that Lucas Giolito and his 100 mph fastball may not be drafted early in the first round due to his injured elbow.   Marcus Stroman, projected as a top 10 prospect may also not go that high.

The draft is fluid at this point and one only hopes that the Indians have enough looks at all these guys.

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