Monday, June 11, 2012

Shadow Draft - Version 1 - Dennis' strategy

As part of my annual draft analysis I like to do a shadow draft.  That is, given who was available, I pick who I would have drafted.  This year, I wanted to add a little twist.  Here is the first of two shadow drafts, this one using my pre-draft strategy and one using the Indians' strategy. 

1st round -  Ty Hensley, RHP, HS Oklahoma  (BA Ranking - 23; I flip-flopped at the last minute hearing McCullers is a tough sign assuming Hensley will sign for slot)
2nd round - Adam Brett Walker, 1B, Jacksonville (Ranking- 58)
3rd round -  Mac Williamson, OF Wake Forest (Sr. 236)
4th round - Ty Buttrey RHP HS Charlotte (38)
5th round - Robert Benincasa, RHP Miami (216)
6th round - Beau Amaral, OF, UCLA (191)
7th round - Kris Hall, RHP, Lee (134)
8th round - Michael Roth, RHP, South Carolina (Sr. 300)
9th round - Jacob Lee, RHP, Arkansas State (Sr. 307)
10th round - Kevin Brady, RHP, Clemson (Sr, 327)
11th round - Logan Vick, OF, Baylor (259)
12th round - Jeremy Lucas, C, Indiana State (264)
13th round - Sam Stafford, RHP, Texas (Not ranked - Injured entire year)
14th round - Andrew Calica, OF, HS California (173)
15th round -  Ronnie Richardson, OF, Central Florida (233)
16th round - Cody Penny, RHP, North Carolina (Not ranked)
17th round - Louis Head, RHP, Texas State (Not ranked)
18th round - Jeremy Schaffer, 1B, Tulane (361)
19th round -  Colyn O'Connell, RHP, HS Florida (Not ranked)
20th round - Nick Pasquale, RHP, Diablo Valley CC (Not ranked)
21st round - Joe Sever, 2B, Pepperdine (431)
22nd round - Patrick Blair, SS, Wake Forest (Not ranked)
23rd round - Richard Stock, C/1B, Nebraska (451)
24th round -  Jose Mesa Jr. RHP, HS Florida (Not ranked)
25th round - Cameron Cox, RHP, Weatherford JC (375)
26th round - Jimmy Rider, SS Kent State (Sr. Not ranked)
27th round - Justin Gonzalez, SS, Florida State (441)
28th round - Josh Pigg 3B/RHP HS, California (Not ranked)
29th round - Randall Fant LHP Arkansas (440)
30th round - Josh Lester SS - HS Georgia (Not ranked)
31st round - Andrew Potter RHP - HS California (359)
32nd round - Paul Hendrix SS - Howard CC (Not ranked)
33rd round -  Corey Raley SS - HS Texas (158)
34th round - Pedro Pizarro C - HS Lousiana (Not ranked)
35th round - Nick Hamilton SS - Kent State (Not ranked)
36th round - Benny Suarez RHP - Hill JC (Not ranked)
37th round - Adam Ford SS - HS Tennessee (Not ranked)
38th round - Joshua Nervis RHP - Sonoma State (Not ranked)
39th round - DJ Brown RHP - James Madison (Not ranked)
40th round - Anthony Hawkins OF - HS California (363)

OK, there it is.  My draft leads the ML in Baseball America top 500 guys drafted with 23.    Now we will see who signs and how they do.

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