Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bonehead move followed by a, well, bonehead move

Nick Hagadone punches a wall, breaks his wrist.  Absolutely stupid.  But young guy, in anger, does something stupid.  Surprise, surprise.  His worst crime is punching the wall with his pitching hand.  The rest is bad luck.  Kevin Brown once broke his left hand hitting a clubhouse wall, but he pitches right handed.  Jason Isringhausen, Pat Zachary, the list goes on and on.  It should have ended there as the guy just ended his season, doing damage to himself and his career that he would have to recover from.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, it didn't end there.

Soon after, the Indians apparently put him on the restricted list, i.e., the non-paid list to, apparently, punish him for his bonehead act.  If this is what they did then they may need their heads examined.

Interestingly, the Indians employ a psychologist, Dr. Charles Maher who apparently has experience in this area as he was quoted after Amar'e Stoudemire did the same thing to a fire extinguisher after a Knicks loss to the Heat earlier this year.

Maybe Chris Antonnetti should go talk to Mr. Maher.  Maybe Mr. Maher could help him with his inability to get good value in most of his trades while he is talking to him about how to handle young adults.

Or maybe they should fire Dr. Maher for not arming young Mr. Hagadone with the tools to control his anger.

Heaven knows, after hearing that the Indians put Hagadone on the disqualified list, I had to do some deep breathing.

Maybe Mr. Antonnetti should learn to count to 10 before acting.

Now, I know I am looking at this from an outsider's viewpoint and there may be more to the story that what it appears to be.  Nevertheless, what it appears to be is, to most people, what it is.  Just like players who underperform generally don't get special treatment, front offices who underperform shouldn't be given special passes because 'there may be more going on that meets the eye'.  Unless some good explanation comes pretty quickly from the Indians why it was better for Hagadone to be disqualified, it just looks to this outsider like an angry kneejerk by an inept front office mad at Hagadone because he lowered their infinitesimal chance at the playoffs by some fraction of a percentage point by getting hurt.

Next time Mr. Hagadone should think before he acts...but so should the Indians FO who should know better. 

EDIT: One more thing to think about: If you were an Indians' draft choice this year who hasn't signed, would it make it more or less likely to sign?  May be unrelated but, for me, I would be hesistant to join an organization that would take this action against one of its own players unless there was a compelling reason made public soon that it actually HELPED the player.  Maybe it is like the Juan Lara thing a few years ago.  Who knows.  But, right now, it is egg on the Indians face at a time they can ill-affod it. 


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