Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well, we're still waiting

Detroit has sold the farm for a decent 2 month rental pitcher and an average secondbaseman signed through 2013.  Neither would be compensation-type free agents if they are not re-signed.

I would have loved to do that deal.  Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante for Jacob Turner, Rob Brantley, Brian Flynn and an end of the second round draft choice.  . 

You have to wonder if Derek Lowe and Jason Kipnis would have gotten that done.  Probably not because Lowe has been stinking it up lately but darn!

I know that is vintage 1970s/80s Indians, trade pitching for hitting then trade hitting back for pitching but darn!!

Kipnis is good and all and we have been waiting for a secondbaseman since Robbie Alomar left and gave away one of the best in baseball in Brandon Phillips but darn!!!

Still, all one has to do is remember the gut wrenching giveaways of CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee and the overpayment for Ubaldo Jimenez and, as I have said before, it makes you want to stand pat.

Still, there have to be a couple of Casey Blake-for-Carlos Santana trades out there right now we can capitalize on, aren't there?

But, we beat Detroit tonight and if we win one of the next two we will probably let the deadline pass without making a deal......I hope.

Go Tribe!   Keep you hands in your pockets and don't answer the phone!

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