Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 Draft Signing Update

So far here is what we know from reports of signings for the Indians 2017 draft.  I'll update this as I learn more.  Note that two late round HS kids have signed which is always interesting (although they weren't highly ranked):

Quentin Holmes - Not signed yet
Tyler Freeman - Not signed yet
Jonathan Rodriguez - Signed - ($450,000 ($77,600 under slot) per LGT)
Ernie Clement - signed (per Mahoning Valley MiLB roster) ($350,000 ($43,000 under slot) per LGT)
Austen Wade - Signed (per his Twitter page 6/27).  No word on his bonus yet.
Michael Rivera - still playing in college world series
Kirk McCarthy - signed per Twitter via Southern Miss. baseball coach ($250,000, $70,500 over slot) per LGT)
Eli Morgan - signed (per MV MiLB roster) - ($135,000 ($15,000 under slot) per LGT)
James Karinchak - signed (per MV MiLB roster) - ($138,300 (at slot) per LGT)
Jesse Berardi - signed (per MV MiLB roster) - ($133,300 ($2,000 over slot) per Twitter)
Matthew Turner - (HS kid) signed per AZL Indians roster
Dante Mendoza - unsigned
Angel Lopez Alvarez - signed (per Baseball America)
Oscar Serratos - unsigned
Kyle Nelson - Uncertain if he has signed
Nick Gallagher - signed per Baseball America
Pedro Alfonseca - signed per Baseball America
Dillon Persinger - signed per Twitter (no information on bonus yet)
Josh Nashed - unsigned
Jonathon Teaney - signed (per MV MiLB roster)
Tyler Friis - signed (per MV MiLB roster)
Clark Scolamiero - signed (per MV MiLB roster)
Jordan Scheftz - signed (per Baseball America)
Riley Echols - signed (per MV MiLB roster)
Chandler Ferguson - signed (HS kid) (per Baseball America)
Tommy Dejuneau - signed (per Baseball America)
Casey Optiz - unsigned
Michael Hendrickson - Signed per professor's Facebook post
Tre Gantt -signed (per Baseball America)
Zack Draper - signed (per Baseball America)
Asa Lacey - unsigned
Mitch Reeves - signed (per Baseball America)
Michael Cooper - signed (HS kid) (per Baseball America)
Cole Turney -unsigned
Spencer Strider - unsigned
Jorge Arellano - unsigned
Austin Martin - unsigned
Scott Kobos - unsigned
Josua Rolette - unsigned
Cole Kleszcz - unsigned

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