Sunday, June 25, 2017

We have a glut

When you switch from having a HS heavy draft one year to a college heavy draft the next year you have this problem.

The MV roster is super crowded right now and it will only get worse once the college world series is over. 

Prospects like Will Benson, Nolan Jones, Ulysses Cantu, Oscar Gonzalez, Elvis Perez are getting playing time.  However, we have signed/will sign guys like Austen Wade, Ernie Clement, Taylor Friis, Jesse Berardi, Clark Scolamiero, etc.   These are college guys who would normally start and play most every day at Mahoning Valley.  So we are at 10 guys and that doesn't even count the catcher.  

We are already stashing college guys in Arizona as the AZL Indians have 2017 college draft picks Tre Gantt, Mitch Reeves, Pedro Alfonseca and a number of 2017 college pitcher draft picks.

Right now the MV roster has 15 pitchers and I think 11 infielders on their roster.  That seems really high to me, especially for the infielders. 

Plus, it would be worse except that Connor Capel is playing almost every day at Lake County.

So this is a wealth of riches which should make both the Scrappers and the AZL Indians strong performers this year.  I just hope there is enough playing time for our best prospects at MV and that no more guys are sent to the AZL Indians just because there is no room on the MV roster.

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