Friday, June 30, 2017

Draft Update

It looks like Quentin Holmes may have signed, at least that's what the Mississippi State fans think as they show a picture of Quentin at a June 28th Indians game.

No social media word about Mike Rivera (6th round), Dante Mendoza (12th round) or Oscar Serratos (14th round).

If you remember these are the three guys I think are still in play for the Indians now that Kyle Nelson and Michael Hendrickson have signed.  Here is a complete list of signings, black meaning the player has signed, yellow highlights meaning the player is likely to sign and red meaning the player is unlikely to sign. 

64 Quentin Holmes
71 Tyler Freeman
102 Johnathan Rodriguez
132 Ernie Clement
162 Austen Wade
192 Michael Rivera
222 Kirk McCarty
252 Eli Morgan
282 James Karinchak
312 Jesse Berardi
342 Matt Turner
372 Dante Mendoza
402 Angel Lopez
432 Oscar Serratos
462 Kyle Nelson
492 Nick Gallagher
522 Pedro Alfonseca
552 Dillon Persinger
582 Josh Nashed
612 Jonathan Teaney
642 Tyler Friis
672 Clark Scolamiero
702 Jordan Scheftz
732 Riley Echols
762 Chandler Ferguson
792 Tommy DeJuneas
822 Casey Opitz
852 Michael Hendrickson
882 Tre' Gantt
912 Zach Draper
942 Asa Lacy
972 Mitch Reeves
1002 Michael Cooper
1032 Cole Turney
1062 Spencer Strider
1092 Jorge Arellano
1122 Austin Martin
1152 Scott Kobos
1182 Josh Rolette
1212 Cole Kleszcz

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