Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rookie ball predictions

OK, we have a sense of the rosters for the NY-Penn and AZL teams.  Here are the predictions:

MV Scrappers:  

Record:  45-31

Summary:  This will be the best season in Scrappers' history.   The combination of young guys who played on the AZL team last year and the influx of college players from the 2017 draft will gel.  I see at least 5-6 of the guys on this team making the top 30 Indians' prospects this winter.

AZL Indians

Record: 21-36

Summary: This team will be the worst in Indians' history at this level.   There will be a few college players sprinkled in, more than normal, but it won't be enough to save the inexperience of some likely organizational players from last year's DSL team.  It will be hard to tell how much talent is there as the lack of experience will make it hard to take any positives from this season.  So, it will be a lost season for the team and us prospect geeks won't have much to look at. Only Freeman and or Holmes will make the top 30 prospect list this winter.

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