Sunday, July 10, 2016


You lose by a run and your 7-9 hitters go 1-15.    This has been the Indians situation lately.   As we head into the all-star break Juan Uribe, Yan Gomes and now Abraham Almonte are killing us.   As I wrote previously Gomes looks a lot like a National League pitcher flailing away at the plate in total futility.   Uribe, who is a terrible defensive player, has now become a near automatic out.   Almonte stunk before he came to Cleveland last year and is stinking again.   Could it be without the sterioids he is who he was before the Indians got him? 

In any case, now way is playing Naquin against lefties and bringing up Urshela going to give you any worse production than we have now.   Gomes is a hole we may have to live with as we don't really have any other catching options until Roberto Perez comes back and, even then, all Perez offers is walks.   

I can go with one automatic out in Gomes.   We just can't have 3, especially not back-to-back-to-back. 

Time to make some changes.

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