Friday, July 15, 2016

7-15 Draft pool and signing update and a thought about signing more guys and incurring MLB penalites

Draft pool update:

Right now we appear to be at our maximum if we gave Calica extra money.   Assuming we burned all of $47,000+ excess on Calica, we also owe MLB $275,000+.   People haven't really been mentioning this but it is part of what we have to deal with for going 4.99% over our bonus cap.  These are real dollars that I am sure sting to just give away but, again, props to the Indians for not flinching at spending extra money to get the guys signed who have already signed!

Draft signing update:

Haven't heard anything new about signings going down to the wire.   I doubt that we have many.  Maybe DeVries, maybe Alvarez, maybe Steer.  Or maybe no one.   The deadline is today so we will see.

A thought:

Here are the penalties for going above your draft pool, as they pertain to the Indians this year:

0-$367,100 above maximum pool amount - 75% penalty on overage (the $275,000 mentioned above)
$367,100 - $734,200 - 75% penalty plus loss of first round pick next year
$734,200 - $1,104,400 - 100% penalty plus loss of 1st and 2nd round picks next year
>15% -  100% penalty plus loss of first round picks for the next two years.

No team has decided it is worth it to go over 4.99% over their bonus pool cap.

But what if you could get Baird, Crowe, Amditis and Baker for $1.1 million?  Would it be worth it to lose our first and second round picks next year?   Things can clearly change but if the draft was held right now the Indians would pick 26th in the first round and roughly 66th in the second round.   These are not great draft picks as they are way down the first round AND their bonus slot values are low meaning we would have little wiggle room to combine money as we did this year.      

Is there any combination of guys we haven't signed yet who would make you want to sacrifice your top two picks next year plus pay up to $1 million in penalties?   Probably not but I wanted to ask the question as I don't recall seeing it asked anywhere before?

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