Friday, July 1, 2016

Team Compelling

Yeah, I know Team Streak is in vogue but, after today, Team Compelling seems to fit, too.

Yes, I know, it took two innings to score off position players-turned-pitchers.   We had numerous other almost 100% certainty scoring situations and blew them.   And to get this win we had to burn Saturday's starter, Trevor Bauer.

But we did the job, especially in the bullpen.   Bauer was outstanding pitching on 3 days rest.   It turned out about perfect, too, as 80 pitches has to be close to some kind of unwritten limit (I was thinking 75, myself) for pitches on 3 days rest.  Nineteen innings, one earned run.  

We now have a new franchise record for most games won in a row and we are back at it tomorrow as Team Streak goes at it again.

Some drama is coming up about that, too.  Who do we start?   Looking at the Columbus rotation the guy whose turn it is tomorrow is Adam Plutko.   It would be simpler if it was Clevinger's turn but his turn is on Sunday.  Or maybe bring up TJ House but he is being conditioned as a reliever and just pitched in that role.   Or Cody Anderson, but he is on the DL.    

So, do you start Kluber on short rest and then start Clevinger on Sunday?  Or do you bring up Plutko, who would have to be added to the 40 man roster and keep Kluber on normal rest?  Not like this would be an upset as Pluko certainly would have been protected this winter, anyway.   He is settling in to AAA so it is not like he would be overmatched in the majors, either.  

For me, I DFA Colin Cowgill and add Plutko to the 40 man roster and start Plutko tomorrow.   I think Plutko feeds off Team Streak's momentum and Team Compelling lifts this kid up to this "A" game.  The way we have been going, who knows, this kid could throw a no-hitter through 6 innings tomorrow. 

In any case, it will be a compelling story tomorrow as Team Compelling (err Streak) will be forced to do something out of the ordinary to extend "The Streak" tomorrow!  As the food critique on the movie Ratatouille said "Surprise me!".  We will be watching this compelling story as it unfolds tomorrow.

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