Sunday, July 17, 2016

International signing period post

The Indians continue to give the impression of being bottom feeders in the Latin American market.  Here is a list of the guys, according to Baseball America, that they have signed since July 2nd.

Cleveland Indians
Marcos Gonzalez, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 27 prospect), $250,000.
Carlos Vargas, rhp, Dominican Republic, $275,000.
Nehemias Celestin, 3b, Dominican Republic, $185,000.
Gaspar Palacios, ss, Colombia, $150,000.
Jeikol Contreras, 3b, Dominican Republic, $100,000.
Jesus Maestre, 2b, Venezuela
Makesiondon Kelkboom-Profar, ss, Curacao, $125,000.
Luis Garcia, rhp, Venezuela

There are always a lot of signings as 8 guys do not a DSL team make.   But these appear to be the most significant signings so far this summer.

Only one guy in the BA top 50 international free agents list and he is #27.  However, before we all panic remember the Indians have gotten Danny Salazar and others from their style which is to outwork the competition because we can't outspend them.  There also seems to be a trepidation to blow their whole bonus pool on one guy, given these guys sign at 16 years old.  

Of course, they have flopped a lot, especially with their most expensive signings, even though those bonus amounts pale in comparison to what other teams are giving their top Latin signees.   For example, Grofi Cruz was just released and he was a guy who got a good bonus $400,000, even though many in the industry scratched their heads when the Indians signed him for that amount.   

Still, with all that being said some of their Latin guys are putting up good numbers in the minors.  Heck, the AZL team's best players right now are not our 2016 draftees but, rather, our Latin guys.

So keep your heads up, hope for a quick recovery from Yan Gomes and that our scouts know what they are doing and our player development people are successful.

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