Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lucroy is an ass and much more

Lucroy tried to play the trade to his advantage instead of doing the right thing for baseball.   He is an ass.  Hopefully he has no more good luck in baseball. 

Giovanny Urshela should be up with the Indians.   Yandy Diaz can't play third base at the ML level.   He is starting to hit well and I want to see him in the majors.  Maybe they can play him in the OF.  Unfortunately, with his limited experience and Francona's dislike for rookies, I don't see that happening.  I do have to laugh at those who are saying to bring up Diaz.  He is not a third baseman and isn't really ready in the OF, either. 

I am just sick of seeing Juan Uribe.   No one knows that he is good in the locker room.  I don't think that he brings a single thing to this team on or off the field that they actually need to continue to win.

Message to the Indians:  Don't panic and make a stupid trade tomorrow.  Jay Bruce is mediocre and gives us essentially 3 DHs.   In the OF he sucks and might not help much in the AL playoffs.   In the WS we are already down to Napoli or Santana in the NL park, putting Bruce out in the field gives us another defensive liability.   But the main thing is the cost to get him.  He is NOT worth what we were going to pay for Lucroy. 

To all my friends at all I can say is see you next time!

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