Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Draft signing update

No news yet on Jones.   Now with Bieber signed for approximately $420K we have a really good idea about what we have to work with in terms of bonus excess for Jones plus guys after round 10.

Again, there are two ways we can go here:  sign Jones or sign a number of guys after the 10th round.  With about $1 million over slot to work with (plus the $100,000 bonus slot each of these guys get) we can sign a whole slew of guys or we can sign Jones.  Even Jones can be signed for $1.95 million we could have enough extra cash to sign ONE quality guy after round 10. 

So what would you rather have:

a. Jones for $2.3 million
b. Jones for $1.9 million plus maybe Baird
c. Our second round pick back next year plus Baird, Crowe and Amditis or Shenton.

This is a tough call as it is quality vs quantity.   Still, if it was up to me, if I could sign Baird, Crowe and Amditis, I would offer Jones a little over slot and, if he didn't sign, let him go.

Rumor is that Calica has signed and it might be $50,000 over his $100,000 slot.   Don't like it if it is over slot because he is redundant to Allen and others.  Would have rather applied that to a HS pitcher's bonus.


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