Friday, June 17, 2016

Draft pool update

As I had suggested on Saturday, Benson would have to sign for $2.5 million AT THE MOST in order for us to have a chance to sign Jones and Capel.    Well, he apparently did sign for that much but remember, in order for us to have the ability to sign both Capel and Jones, we will need help from everywhere in the first 10 rounds.   Well, we seem to be getting a little help from everyone else in the draft but will it be enough to increase our pool excess to sign Jones, Capel and Cantu?  Here are the numbers:

Benson: Pool: $2.934 million; actual bonus: $2.5 million; $434,000 savings
Nolan Jones: Pool: $1,159,200; actual bonus: $2.25 million; $1,090,800 over budget
Logan Ice Pool: $892,200; actual bonus: $$850,000; $42,200 savings
Aaron Civale Pool: $655,200; actual bonus: $625,000; $30,200 savings
Shane Beiber Pool: $482,500; actual bonus: 420,000; $52,500 savings 
Conner Capel Pool: 361,300; actual bonus:$361,300; $0 savings
Ulysses Cantu Pool: $270,300; actual bonus: $270,300; $0 savings
Michael Tinsley Pool: $202,900; actual bonus: $175,000; $27,300 savings
Andrew Lantrip Pool: $178,700; actual bonus: $125,000$53,700 savings
Hosea Nelson Pool: $166,700; actual bonus: $125,000; $41,700 savings
Samad Taylor Pool: $156,600; actual bonus: $125,000; $31,600 savings
Total savings (counting $367,100 (4.99%) over budget without a penalty) $1,080,300 extra to spend so far.

NOTE: By this calculation, if we don't sign any guys after the 10th round for more than $100,000, we would still be over our budget by about $10,000.   Must have made a math error somewhere or Jones' bonus is a little high.

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