Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Post Draft Summary

OK, we are getting further away from the end of the draft and signings are starting to come in.   So, let's talk about how this draft looks overall.   This analysis may change if guys don't sign but let's assume right now that all of our main targets sign.

Rounds 1-10 - For the first time in a while the Indians didn't take low cost filler in the top 10 rounds.   I think their haul in these rounds is potentially very solid for a team picking 14th, especially given that their only extra pick was after the 2nd round.  The key will, of course, be to sign Benson, Jones, Capel and Cantu and to sign Jones, Capel and Cantu you will have to be stealing bonus money (collectively) from the slot values of the other 8 guys in the top 10 rounds.  We will see if that is even possible.

Rounds 11-40 - In order to sign any real good prospects here (i.e., guys who are good, solid prospects right now) we need to have money left over from the first 10 rounds.   Given that they drafted a new low (for Cleveland) of THREE college seniors, I could see this draft resulting in the Indians signing the fewest players they have for years.   Why?  There aren't that many sure signings in this group and a number of guys are flyers who we probably won't have money for.  And, of course, there are the ever-present lowly rated HS guys who won't sign for $100,000 and will go to college instead.    Obviously the guys you would like to sign would be Baird and Crowe.   I don't think we will have the extra money for either.

So, let the signing and projecting begin. 

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