Saturday, June 18, 2016

Signings update and an interesting factoid

I will continue to update the signings information below when new signings occur.    I will also keep updating the draft pool budget information when something occurs of significance there.

Interesting factoid:  Tomorrow the Cavaliers, Indians, Captains, Aeros and Clippers go for 3 wins in a row.   The Cavaliers and Captains get championships with wins (the Captains 'championship' may actually only be a second place finish but it would qualify them for the playoffs) and the Indians, Aeros and Clippers, with wins, try to keep momentum going that had been slowed down by recent loss streaks.  If they all win tomorrow they would likely all (the Clippers would have to also have a loss by Indianapolis), on the same day, be the top teams in their leagues/divisions.

What a day it would be if all these teams won tomorrow.   Maybe the greatest day in Cleveland sports history.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.   It is about time this city has a good run of luck.

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