Thursday, June 16, 2016

Draft signing update

Here is the most recent update I can piece together about draft signings for Indians players:

Will Benson - In Cleveland for physical - Will sign for $2.5 million.
Nolan Jones - No word yet -likely to go down to the wire as this will likely require a WAY over slot bonus and we won't know how much we have for a while
Logan Ice - Signed to underslot bonus
Aaron Civale - Signed to underslot bonus
Shane Bieber - Still in NCAA playoffs with UC Santa Barbara, can't sign yet
Connor Capel - Signed, bonus unknown yet
Ulysses Cantu - Signed, slot bonus
Michael Tinsley - Signed to underslot bonus
Andrew Lantrip - Signed to underslot bonus
Hosea Nelson - Signed to underslot bonus
Samad Taylor - Signed to slightly underslot bonus
Andrew Calica - Senior - still in NCCA playoffs with UC Santa Barbara - can't sign yet
Zac Plesac - Signed to $100,000 contract - currently out with TJ surgery
Gavin Collins - Signed to $100,000 contract
Mitch Longo - signed to $100,000 contract
Zack Smith - No word yet
Ben Krauth - Signed for $1,000 and is heading to MV
Trenton Brooks - Signed for $100,000
Raymond Burgos - signed to $100,000 contract
Dakody Clemmer - signed to $100,000 contract
Ben Baird - No word yet
Wil Crowe - RS sophomore coming of TJ surgery - likely to go back to college next year unless money is left over from first 10 rounds.
Mason Studstill - No word yet
Michael Letkewicz - signed for $1000
Skylar Arias - signed for $50,000
Jonathan Laureno - signed for $50,000
Tanner Tully - Signed for $100,000
Nelson Alvarez - No word yet
Jamal Rutledge - Signed, $50,000
Spencer Steer - No word yet
Ryder Ryan - Signed for $50,000
Chris Farish - No word yet
Kramer Robertson - Reportedly going back to school for senior year
Blake Sabol - No word yet
Auston Shenton - No word yet
Armani Smith - No word yet
Andrew Baker - No word yet
Mike Amditis - No word yet
Jacob DeVries - No word yet
Pedro Alfonseca - No word yet
Danny Sinatro - No word yet

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