Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Draft pool update

I have updated the signings and bonus information below.

We still don't have signing information on Cantu and Capel.   However, by my calculations we have over $1,000,000 excess at this point.  Let's assume that Cantu signed for $50,000 over slot and Capel signed for $250,000 over slot.

If these numbers are correct we have about $750,000 left to sign Jones.   Now, remember included in that is the 4.99% excess.   If we don't sign Jones we lose about $50,000 of that excess (5% of his 1.2 million bonus). 

So, if we don't sign Jones we get his draft selection back next year and we have a huge excess to spend on picks after the top 10 rounds.   

So, the question is, would I rather have Jones or Baird, Wil Crowe and one of Studstill or Alvarez.

Right now, if those were my choices I would take Baird, Crowe and one of the two HS pitchers.

Time will tell.

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