Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Soccer shoutout

OK, I am not a big soccer fan although I always wanted to be a soccer goalie but I am so old that Wickliffe HS did not have a soccer team when I was going to school.    I played a little there in college intramurals and indoor later on....but enough about me.

In the world of sports the Indians 10 game winning streak was just an afterthought compared to yesterday's result in the European soccer championships.   Just have to give a shoutout to Iceland.  I watched the entire game yesterday because I love an underdog story.   The announcers on ESPN, thick with Great Britain accents, were HYSTERICAL.   The way they were talking, the coach for England should have walked out to the center of the field (pitch) at the end of the game and eviscerated himself in front of the entire crowd.   They mentioned the names of England's soccer organization executives in a tone that made me think that they wanted those in England to know so that people would know who to make fun of and whose cars to egg the next day.  They complained how England would take four or five passes to get the ball back to the same spot where they took possession of it.  They complained about the players playing badly.   They said how embarrassing it was for English soccer, how it was the worst moment for them in the history of the soccer, how embarrassing it was that the richest professional soccer league in the world could produce players who played this badly.  The even invoked the horrendous US victory over England in 1950 which, apparently, previously set the standard for English ineptitude losing to a team totally devoid of any soccer ability at all. 

Then there was Iceland.  The team that actually beat England.   Yes, they did show up.  And they could play, despite the media stats about how there were more registered soccer players in Rhode Island than in Iceland and how 8% of Iceland's population was at the game (we all know that 20 years from now it will appear that 200% of the country attended the game).   No, in fact England did not lose on two 'own goals".   Iceland actually scored twice.  Amazing!   In Iceland they now have about 21 hours of daylight.   Maybe the longest daytime party in history!   I can see the movie title now:  "The miracle on pitch".  I wonder if Kurt Russell is available?   As I said, I love an underdog story.

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