Friday, June 3, 2016

The post-Marlon Byrd Cleveland Indians

Of the multitude of minor league free agent signings the Indians made, I like the Marlon Byrd signing the best.  


Because the guy actually was hitting somewhat at the time of his 162 game suspension. 

It's no secret that I wanted Urshela at 3rd and Naquin in the outfield and Ramirez somewhere on the field.   

Still, here we are in the beginning of June and it looks like the Indians will stay in contention beyond when the Cavaliers/ season ends in about two weeks.  And this as we approach the end of maybe our toughest stretch of the season, considering the records of the teams we have played in the past week or two.

Bringing up Naquin (he had an 8 pitch walk and a 6-pitch HR tonight) should set the modus operandi for the rest of the season.  

Send Uribe to the bench.   Send Rajai Davis to the bench.   These guys are valuable as bench players and in the locker room.  Promote Urshela and have him split time with Ramirez at 3rd with Ramirez also getting play in LF.   If you need IF help bring up Gonzalez.   You still have relief pitching help and some starting pitching depth of that comes into play.   The OF is a little more thin but I still have hope that Bradley Zimmer can help by August at the latest. 

This team is 29-24 and 1/2 game out of first place in the Central but we are the Cleveland Indians.   We should build from within and I think there are resources in the minors that we should try out first. 

BTW, the farm system is now 134-83 which, by my calculator is a .618 winning percentage.   Mike Papi has 'earned' a promotion to AA and there is a lot to wish on in the minors at every level so far.   Not that it is all polished up or anything but there is a lot to like, some of which may make it to Cleveland this year. 

Go Tribe!

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