Saturday, August 6, 2011

At the crossroads

Well, it seems almost daily that we have to make a decision on whether we are buyers or sellers.  So let's take a look:

Buyer: Allen Craig went 3-3 last night deep into his rehab.  He should be brought up soon.  This makes him our prime trade target.  Again, I think Joe Smith would do it for a 27 year old who doesn't have a defensive position he is good at and isn't really needed by his current team.  He is a bat first guy but, on this team, that is what is needed.  Maybe we throw Shelly Duncan in as he is more valuable in the NL than the AL, IMO.

Seller: Kearns, Durbin and Hannahan should be gone, Shelly Duncan should be traded and Herrmann should be sent down.   We have covered that.  Judy, Chen (or Putnam), Head and Goedert should come up.  One of the funniest things I read on a forum today is when someone tried to minimize Judy by calling him a "C" prospect.  Comical and somewhat pathetic, actually.  He is much more than that, being Pestano-like with more consistency right now.  Not a closer yet but a guy with solid 8th inning skills.

So, in our daily visit at the crossroads, we are just where we were a month ago: buyers of younger guys, sellers of older guys, and bringers up of minor league guys who are ready for a shot instead of mortgaging the future for a run at the pennant that could be staffed in-house.

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