Thursday, August 25, 2011

Question answered: Yes, they really are that stupid!

Resisting all fan begging and, of course, logic to bring Thome back in earlier years, they bring him back for the last month of a lost season.  Incredibly stupid.

Head, Goedert, whoever.  Those guys could get some ABs, not Jim Thome.
You have open DH ABs, give them to freaking Carlos Santana if you don't want to bring up one of the deserving AAA guys.  Save him for future years.

This is a stupid move.  It's not even desperate.  It's just plain stupid.

They have had ample opportunities to bring back Thome and Omar Vizquel over the years, including times where Hafner has been injured.  This is not the time or the place to bring the guy back. 

Now let's wait to see who the PTBNL is.  Remember, a starting pitcher got us only Yohan Pino a couple of  years ago.  The BEST we should give up is Joe Martinez.  Anything more turns this joke into a farce.

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