Saturday, August 6, 2011

Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

Chris Perez and the Indians are still alive, barelystaying over the Atlanta Braves Line. 

BTW, in case anyone is watching, Jerad Head with two doubles and a HR tonight.  Hey, I haven't checked, but is Austin Kearns still on the Indians' roster.  Cleveland, which is notorious for not giving minor leaguers a chance unless they are stud prospects and there are no other options (see Chris Coste as the prime example but everyone from Brian Giles to Ryan Church and even Jeremy Guthrie and Brandon Phillips who got small chances but not enough and IMMEDIATELY flourished elsewhere), will either wait until Head grows cold or until September to give him a chance while Mr. RBI (really bad and an idiot) continues to occupy a spot on our bench.  As always, great PR by the Indians for their minor leaguers.  Hey, I notice you brought back Argenis Reyes.  Maybe they will give him a shot first.

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