Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time to pile on

At the trade deadline we heard some teams were shying away from Ubaldo Jimenez due to fears that his dominance was a flash in the pan.  Others said that his performance were only off a tick from his Cy Young-like perfromance of the past.

My take was: Well, this better work because we gave up a great deal of the future.  That was even exacerbated by the lukewarm performances of the pitchers from the later rounds in 2010 and the loss of Drew Pomeranz and Alex White from the farm system for Jimenez.

Well, Jimenez is pitching AWAY from Coors Field and, frankly, the guy sucks.  He sucks worse than Carlos Carrasco, if that is humanly possible.  He has sucked from the moment he became an Indian.  Yeah, he had a good game, but bottom line is that can be ascribed to the blind squirrel meets hitters he has never or seldom faced school of thought.  Otherwise, did I mention he sucks?

Jimenez sucks and this trade has now crippled the future of the Cleveland Indians.   Will this turn around.  I sure as hell hope so because the Cleveland Indians of ANY era cannot afford to have this type of disaster beset them

Hey, I am not talking about 2011 here.  Who gives a crap about that.  I mean freakin' Chad Durbin, Shelly Duncan and Jack Hannahan are still on this roster meaning that we don't yet have a major league team we are fielding.  What I am talking about is the 2012-2018.   That is what Antonetti has screwed up here unless Jimenez makes a miraculous comeback.

And the Colorado Rockies have stolen the Indians' future.  Perfect.

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