Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, that was crushing!

The Indians loss to Texas tonight was the most crushing of the season.  I know other losses have been bad but, with Detroit winning and the Indians losing two walkoffs in Boston and Jimenez looking pretty human instead of looking like an ace AFTER we had to wait for him to pitch an extra five days or so, this loss was the worst of the season, especially when we led 6-1 and 7-2 with our new ace on the mound.  Yeah, he was pitching out of his normal rotation so we can cut him so slack.  But, still, it brings up all the questions about whether he is regressing to the mean or is hurting. 

And bringing up Shelly Duncan?  Unless it is to showcase him in a trade with Joe Smith to get a decent prospect, Jerad Head, who, BTW, hit HIS 20th HR tonight, should have been called up.  Duncan and Joe Smith should be traded.

BTW, Jared Goedert had two more hits tonight and remains hot.  He should be up here right now to provide some offense.

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