Saturday, August 27, 2011

With an eye on the future:

The Indians are hovering at the Atlanta Braves line (.500 mediocrity).  While they still thrash around and make noise like they are going to compete this year while they should be looking to dump Joe Smith, Shelly Duncan, Chad Durbin and Jack Hannaha, the clock is ticking on their 2012 draft slot.

Look, the Indians are going to have to sign one or more FAs this off-season.   There are just no sure thing righthanded bats in the minors and since the Indians continue to refuse to give marginal prospects Jerad Head and Jared Goedert a shot. we will never know if they can do anything.

So we have to sign a big righthanded bat this offseason.

Shapiro has, in his infamous Dellucci and Oldberto signings, showed us that he is not afraid to give up draft picks if he thinks (rightly or wrongly) that a move will put the Indians over the top.  Besides the thought of a redux of that debacle scaring me to death, it does remind me that we kept our first round pick that year because our record from 2006 was just bad enough that we fit right in the bottom half of teams in the majors.

To add to the drama, MLB will put in mandatory draft bonus slotting next year meaning that there will be little or no likelihood that we can pick up a stud prospect later in the draft to make up for losing draft picks.

So, why am I worrying about this now?  Because the Indians are teetering on finishing high enough in the standings that they could actually lose their FIRST round pick if they sign a Type A free agent this winter.  Here is the current draft order with 2011 records.  As you can see below, the White Sox and Reds are very close to us but right now we have the 17th worst record.  We need to finish below the White Sox and Reds.  We need to have the 15th worst record or worse next year.  Go Tribe!  It's a worthy goal in a lost season.

Houston 4389
Baltimore 5277
Kansas City 5478
Minnesota 5576
Seattle 5674
Chi Cubs 5775
Florida 5972
Oakland 6071
San Diego 6072
Pittsburgh 6170
LA Dodgers 6169
NY Mets 6268
Washington 6268
Colorado 6369
Chi White Sox 6465
Cincinnati 6566
Cleveland 6464
Toronto 6665
St. Louis 6963
San Francisco 7062
Tampa Bay 7159
LA Angels 7160
Detroit 7259
Arizona 7359
Texas 7558
NY Yankees 7851
Atlanta 7954
Milwaukee 7954
Boston 8051
Philadelphia 8346

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