Sunday, August 7, 2011

Joe Smith, what could have been

We should have traded Joe Smith in July.  His value was the highest of his career and, most likely, the highest value in his entire ML life, no matter how long that is.  C'mon, if we wanted a side-arming righty we had Chen Lee who is banging on the door. 

Now Smith has exploded a 5-0 lead, his second outing in the last 3 when he has given up a run.  His value has certainly shrunk to 2010 levels, meaning he is worthless, as, at this time of the year, it is all about what have you done lately that determines trade value..

They should have traded him on July 31st when his ERA was 1.10.  His value was high but the Indians obviously thought he was important.  He could have brought a piece back that meant something.  Instead, now we will live with this performance.

He should have brought us back Allen Craig.  Instead, he brought us a loss tonight and, given his recent outings, may continue to help in the Indians fall in the Central Division. 

When you choke and don't pull the trigger on an obvious sell high move, this is what you end up with.  I shake my head, shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes.  THIS is the Cleveland Indians I grew up with in the 70s and 80s.

BTW, it is August 7th, Jerad Head is still in Columbus and Austin Kearns is still in Cleveland.  (Continues head shaking, eye rolling and shoulder shrugging).

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