Friday, August 19, 2011

I am so glad...

...that the Indians are not taking this pennant race thing too seriously.  One way too not feel pressure is to be in denial of that pressure and the Indians are clearly in denial.

I mean, how else can you explain the continued re-appearances of Shelly Duncan?  You have to be sort of nonchalant and so loosey-goosey about this race that you might not pass a breathilizer to keep making the Duncan mistake over and over. 

Hey, Antonetti, how many freakin' HRs does Jerad Head have to hit before you give him a freakin' chance?  Are you just waiting for him to be in a deep slump at Columbus before you bring him up so that your impression of him as a non-prospect can become a self-fulling one?  Well, that is a little over the top but, gosh, give the guy (Head) a chance. 

I, and I am sure I am not alone, can only stand so many of these promotions to the majors that involve this CLASSIC AAAA player (or any AAAA player, for that matter).  Shelly Duncan has had his 15 minutes with the Indians.  DFA him and bring up Jerad Head.  I mean, how bad can he be?

BTW, two more hits for Jared Goedert tonight.  As much as I like the human interest story of Hannahan, the chartered jet and his newborn child, it is time to cut ties with this guy and bring up Goedert.

We scored one stupid run tonight.  How much worse could it get if you bring up Head and Goedert?

Oh, one more thing while I am on my soap box: I can't recall (maybe I have blocked it out) a guy who frustrates me more than Valbuena.   The guy can't hit a lick in the majors but kills AAA pitching.  Yeah, I know, AAAA guys like this exist (see Hector Luna) but I was hoping for more out of Valbuena     
The Indians have precious little margin for error the rest of the way.  They need to win all the games that they should win.  They aren't doing that, losing a lot of one-run games and winning one with a bases-loaded HBP in the 14th inning.

They need to bring up Head and Goedert and the relievers.  Give them a chance.  How much worse can the offense be than it is right now?

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