Thursday, August 25, 2011

Would we really be that stupid?

Look, we are NOT getting back in this race except in the case of a miracle.  Why would trade one even "C" prospect for a 30 day rental?  Why? 

Trading for Kubel or Thome is just stupid and this is from a guy who has suggested signing Thome as a FA every time he was one or trading for him every time a team wanted to give him away.

Now is NOT the time.  It IS the time to look at own minor leaguers.  You want to bring up someone to DH?  Bring up Head or Goedert. 

You are out of the race.  Get over it!  Jim Thome and Jason Kubel couldn't be saviors in Minnesota and they can't be saviors here.

I don't even want to do another Abner Abreu/Carlton Smith deal.

Remember two years ago we got Yohan Pino, he of no discernable ability for Carl Pavano in a similar August deal.  So, assuming we are going to make this stupid trade, THE MOST I would be willing to give up is Joe Martinez. 

Remember that if this deal goes down: Joe Martinez is the most we should have given up and we have a recent example with the same club to show that's the upside we should pay.

But this is the Cleveland Indians so we will probably give up Jerad Head or Jared Goedert instead of playing them.  The Indians are known for dumping minor leaguers who should be given a chance but aren't and become liabilities to the ineptness of the organization.  If you keep them people really start asking why you don't give them a chance.  So the answer is to just dump them for nothing or in a deal for a rental veteran.

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